Race Day Checklist

Race Day is Here!

So you’ve trained hard and now youre ready to race, the following is rough guide to make your race day more enjoyable. As race days can be long and tiring any creature comforts you can bring along are always welcome and remember to plan for an unexpected change in weather.

Food & Drink

You need plenty of fuel for your days competition, energy snacks for between races, lots of fluids as some places may not have access to water, lunch time grub and dont forget something for that hungry drive home.  

  • Flasks of Tea
  • Water & Hi Fruit Juice
  • Bananas/ grapes / dates / raisins
  • Mars Bars
  • Rice Pudding Pots
  • Pasta & Chicken
  • Jelly Babies, Wine Gums, Fruit Pastels
  • Nutri Bars / Flapjacks
  • Malt Loaf & butter


If your spectating bring plenty of warm clothes and blankets as you may be outside all day, if your racing bring plenty of clothes you can change into as your going to get wet, especially if it rains.

  • waterproofs / cagoules
  • Water / rubber shoes
  • large towels
  • hats / caps, scarf, gloves
  • fleeces / jackets
  • Sunglasses / Sports glasses / Reading glasses 
  • Full change of clothes
  • Spare socks
  • Spare trousers 

Kit & Equipment

Most important of all, dont forget your paddle!

  • Paddle
  • Folding chair
  • Pillows / cushions / mat
  • Large umbrella
  • Seat pads
  • Paddling gloves
  • Padding, tape & dressings
  • Mobile phone charger car
  • Camera(s), etc.
  • Cool Box

Creature comforts

Some race venues are not fully equiped so bring what you need to be healthy, happy and freshen up.

  • Ibuforen & Ibuferen Gel
  • Sun-cream & face cream
  • Lip-salve / Vaseline
  • Hair Cond Spray & comb
  • Toiletry bag: Deo / Body Spray / Talc
  • Wet wipes / Anti bacterial Wipes
  • Tissues / Toilet Paper
  • Books, cards, music, i-pod, magazines, etc


The combination of what you eat and drink is significant factor to stay "fit and healthy". A small percentage loss of water can have a very large affect on your efficiency and effectiveness to perform. Things to consider before, during and after an activity to sustain performance are;

  • Environment – Temperature & humidity
  • Duration of activity
  • Type of activity

What to drink before – A Hypertonic

  • Has more carbohydrate and minerals, higher than that in your blood
  • Absorbed slower into the body than water alone
  • Ideal for refuelling but DOESNT provide water as well as isotonic and hypotonic

What to drink during – A Isotonic

  • Has carbohydrate and water and minerals in similar amounts to your blood
  • Absorbed fast, faster than water alone
  • Ideal for refuelling and rehydration
Drink formulas for during exercise

Option 1.

Option 2.

Option 3.

40-80g sucrose1L warm water 1-1.5g salt (1/4 tsp) Sugar free squash (for flavour) 200ml fruit squash800ml water 1-1.5g salt (1/4 tsp)   500ml unsweetened fruit juice (orange, apple, pineapple)500ml water 1-1.5g salt (1/4 tsp)  

  The ratio is 1-1.5 grams of salt to 1 litre of fluid with varying levels of sweetener/flavouring. Remember that excess sugar slows down the rate of absorption and should only be used as a post-exercise hypertonic drink to replenish carbohydrate reserves.   What to drink after – A hypotonic

  • Has carbohydrate and minerals in smaller amounts than your blood
  • Absorbed fast into the body, the same as plain water
  • Ideal for rehydration but DOESNT provide as much energy as isotonic


Drink formulas for after exercise

Option 1.

Option 2.

Option 3.

20-40g sucrose1L warm water 1-1.5g salt (1/4 tsp) Sugar free squash (for flavour) 100ml fruit squash900ml water 1-1.5g salt (1/4 tsp)   250ml unsweetened fruit juice (orange, apple, pineapple)750ml water 1-1.5g salt (1/4 tsp)