Image Gallery

Promo day selfie
It’s warmer than it looks (honest)
Chritsmas Eve madness 2016
“Warming up” on Christmas Eve (with mulled wine & mince pies)
Powerhouse trophies from the Nationals 2016
Bridge sisters paddling like twins
Powersaints win in 2016
Cooper 1/2 way through a 125mile paddle
CS & JB ready for GB afterparty
Powersaints with another trophy
Big smiles, big plate, Nottingham 2016
Taking home some tropies at Nottingham 2016
Family friendly? Of course we are!
5-lane racing at the Nationals
Try 2, stayy still you lot!
Powersaints taking the lead in Stockton
Camp photo (not like that)
Racing in Liverpool Docks 2015
Passing another team, Nottingham 2014
End of the day, Liverpool 2015
Wettest day ever! Milton Keynes 2014
Racing in St Neots 2014
Nottingham 2k racing 2014
Racing in Nottingham 2014
View from the bridge, Nottingham 2014
Trophy time at the Nationals 2012
Powerhouse at the Nationals 2012